Spring on the Farm


Spring is in the Air

The farm is buzzing with activity this time of year!  Our greenhouse is bursting with spring starts and we're just waiting for the time when we can get out in the field to plant.  We're already planting in our high tunnel and caterpillar tunnels, but the field is still too wet and cold to work up any soil.

We're also in the process of building a four seasons kitchen, where our crew of apprentices can comfortably prepare their meals year round.  During the winter months when only a few folks are still on the farm, we'll be able to use the kitchen as a winter pack shed for veggies that we produce in our tunnels.

Along with the baby plants and baby animals, the farm will be welcoming a new human in May of 2018!  Bea is excited to be a big sister.  Here she is dressed in her tutu and using a trowel to smooth-out the concrete slab under our new bulk grain bins for our livestock feed.