Compost, Compost Compost!


Composting at ATG Farm

One of the main ways we feed the soil at Against the Grain is by making and spreading compost.  Our compost ingredients include horse manure, goat manure, poultry manure, spent brewers grain, vegetable debris from the packshed and cultivated fields, wasted hay and animal bedding from our barns (as well as Horse Helpers of the High Country) and the Biodynamic compost preparations.  The 2019 season will reap the rewards of the compost-making efforts of the past, as we will be spreading A LOT of compost this year.  The crew, with the help of our welder neighbor, built a compost cart that straddles our beds, enabling us to more efficiently spread compost.  No more buckets!!  One crew member drives the tractor real slow, while another one or two crew members walk behind the trailer, raking or shoveling compost out the back.