Apprentice Profile: Dylan Evans

We've had a few hot and dry weeks on the farm, so Andy and Thomas have been watering almost around the clock. The crops are holding up but the farm is thirsty overall! The days are noticeably shorter, and we're entering the period that Holly is calling the "accordion days." This is the time when hitting our target dates for planting in the greenhouse and the field is essential if we expect to keep harvests on track. Missing planting dates by a few days now can transfer into weeks when it's time to harvest the crop in late fall/early winter. We are staying on our toes, sowing crops like head lettuce, spinach and salad mix in the greenhouse and crops like turnips and arugula in the field.

For our final apprentice profile, we'd like to introduce you to Dylan Evans. Dylan grew up about a half an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA in a rural farming community. His grandfather lived on land that has been in the family for generations, giving Dylan a foundational relationship to land and a sense of place. Dylan's nuclear family lived on 20 acres when he was young, and even kept a few horses and donkeys. Dylan's Dad owned and operated a nursery and landscaping business, which made Dylan no stranger to hard work. Dylan found his passion early in life when he learned to play the guitar as a kid. He joined a band in middle school and taught himself some basic graphic design principles so that he could produce posters and album covers. Since that time, Dylan has developed his creative pursuits, exploring electronic music, punk rock, and country, all the while honing his graphic design skills.

Dylan came to Boone in 2015, and since that time he's played in over 200 shows! Within the next 10 years, Dylan sees himself living and working on a small acreage with a house, music studio and homestead. He was initially interested in working on a farm so that he could experience the benefits of living close to the land, and has found that he loves the farm because it makes him feel "healthy and strong in his brain and body." Living and working at ATG is an immersive experience that is shifting his perspective on life. He's learned just how many steps there are to taking care of crops and has found a peace in the pace of farm life. When he's not hoeing in the field or sorting vegetables in the pack shed, you can often find Dylan playing music in his shack.

Dylan is a talented young person with a generous heart and hard working spirit. Dylan didn't make his way to the farm until August of this season, but he's been a breath of fresh air ever since his arrival. Dylan likes to lean into challenging tasks, and even enjoys shoveling compost! Dylan has a sharp mind, an eye for detail and a gentle spirit. We are so grateful that he found his way to the farm this season! It just wouldn't be the same without him.