Second Spring 2019

We'll take a break from our apprenticeship profiles this week to bring you updates on other farm news. There has been a lot of planting and seeding happening in the past few weeks, as we have officially entered the time of the season that we call the "second spring." It's odd to think about spring time in the midst of summer abundance, but August 1st marks the official target date on the calendar when the farm begins another round of intensive planting of cool season vegetables. Crops including kale, broccoli, collards, turnips, radishes, arugula and spinach will all be planted over the course of the month of August.

Even though we use the word "spring" to describe this time of the year, there are many aspects of the second spring which set it apart from the first. To start, the farm is at a very different point in the cycle of the season. During the first spring, the farm expresses a sense of excitement, fresh perspective and limitless possibilities. For the most part, this gives the farmers a crew inspiration and energy, but at times, it can convey nervousness or even anxiety. In contrast, during this time of year, the farm feels much more grounded and settled. There is a steady rhythm and general sense of cohesion, which imparts a calm and settling energy.

This time of the year reminds us that fall is imminent and the growing season will come to an end soon enough. As humans, we recognize that time is a difficult measurement to comprehend. Moment to moment, time seems to pass slowly but if we step back and take a wide view, we realize that life flies by in a flash. The arrival of the second spring is a great opportunity to remember to savor each day and each task, even in the middle of some of the busiest days of year.