Long Summer Days

During these long days of high summer the farmers and crew are given the opportunity to relate to the farm in a different way then at any other time of year. Spring is full of possibilities, hope, new beginnings and lots of potential. Spring can also bring a touch of anxiety about what's to come. Will we get too much rain, not enough rain or strong storms? Will the crew members develop meaningful relationships with the farm and each other? By mid season, at least some of these questions are beginning to be answered and a steady rhythm has been set. From now through the end of July, we are in the sweet spot of the season when we are all given the opportunity to simply enjoy the farm and the work it offers. Of course, this is always the invitation of the farm. Even in the midst of the the fullest weeks and busiest days, there is always opportunity to enjoy and savor the farm and all it has to offer. As farmers, we hope our love and relationship with the farm comes through in the products that we offer our community.