First CSA Harvest!

The farm has been anticipating this week for some time and the farmers and crew are so excited that the first CSA delivery date has arrived!  By joining the CSA, community members have given us the opportunity to be their farmers for at least a growing season.  What an honor and a gift!  The trust that they’ve placed in the farm is both humbling and empowering, and lies at the heart of why we choose to farm.  We like to say that "farming is a practice," and much like life in general, farming is all about relationships;  the relationship between the farm and the humans who manage it and the relationship between the farm and the surrounding community.  Annual CSA membership dues are a way for members of the community to invest directly in these relationships, so in other words, CSA membership dues are a social investment with delicious returns!

So far, the 2019 growing season has been humming along relatively smoothly.  We have a fantastic crew of creative, conscientious and hard-working humans, and up until the past few weeks, we've had a nice balance of rain clouds and blue skies  We have hit a dry spell, but thankfully, we have an irrigation system and a dedicated crew leader who is keeping it running around the clock.  Typically, factors involving the weather, climate, insects and disease can have an enormous impact on a farm's success.  As a Biodynamic and Organic farm, we work hard to mitigate the risks that are typically associated with agriculture by building the soil and reducing our off-farm inputs.  In addition to supporting community, CSA memberships also support the farm on it's journey toward resiliency.