Soggy But Safe

The dry weather stretch we experienced for most of the month of April was broken by a lot of rain over the weekend!  The farm was grateful for the drink and handled the deluge like a champ.  Extreme weather events can be wonderful teachers for a farmer; revealing weakness in production systems, management approaches and infrastructure.  This latest big swing was no exception, in that we had the opportunity to see how the farm responded to bulk moisture after a long dry spell.  We are relieved to report that the farm is on the right track, though we know the journey is long and fraught with surprises.

In general and across cultures and time, farmers have a complicated relationship with rain.  Most farms need rain to thrive, but depending on the season and the type of crops grown on the farm, the amount and specific timing of rain events can have a big impact on a farm's success and a community's food security.  If resources are accessible, there are management strategies and infrastructure that farms can employee to mitigate the effects of extreme weather, but much is left to chance and the actions of a global community.  As farmers, we are acutely aware of the razor's edge that we walk, balancing between success and catastophy.  CSA members’ investment in the farm is essential to supporting the farm on it's journey toward widening that edge and creating more resilient agriculture.