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Against the Grain Meat CSA offers the convenience of a “one stop shop” for healthy, humanely raised meats at a fair price.  As a member of the ATG Meat CSA, you pay in advance for six deliveries of pork and beef and/or chicken.  In addition to quality product, membership ensures more of your community’s food dollars continue to circulate locally! 

Learn more about our livestock and the way they are raised HERE.


We offer several options to choose from in order to customize your box:

Option 1:  Pork and Beef Box – 6 deliveries of beef and pork only (each month contains approx. 3-4lb ground (combination of sausage, brautwarst, ground beef), 2-4lb steak cuts (i.e. sirloin, ribeye, NY strip, pork chops, bacon), 2-4lb of braise or roast cuts (i.e. sirloin roast, london broil, pork shoulder) – $500

Option 2:  Chicken Box – 6 deliveries of chicken only (each month contains 2 whole chickens and either breasts or thighs and wings) – $350

Option 3:  Pork, Beef and Chicken Box – 6 deliveries of beef, pork and chicken in the quantities described above – $835


Add-on Options:

Add-on Option 1:  Ground Beef (extra 2lb with every delivery) – $80

Add-on Option 2:  Sausage  (extra 2lb with every delivery) – $80

**bones, organ meats, chicken feet and necks available on request and discounted for CSA members**


Pick-up Options:

Rolling sign-ups, allow you to sign up any month of the year.

Option 1:  six boxes, one each month (if you have a big family or enjoy eating meat regularly)

Option 2: six boxes, one every other month (if you have a small family or eat meat only 1 or 2 times/week)




Pick-ups are available the first Saturday of every month in Boone. From May through November, pick-ups are available at the Watauga Farmers’ Market, located on Horn in the West Drive. For the winter months, December through April, pick-ups are available at the Winter Farmers’ Market, located in the basement of the Watauga County Cooperative Extension office.







If you’re just interested in pork, check out our PIG SHARE to order custom cut pork at a competitive price.



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