OUR LIVESTOCK plays a special role on the farm.  Pigs can be found turning over fallow vegetable beds or helping us renovate woodland areas, chickens and turkeys add nutrients to our hay ground and goats provide manure for our compost piles.  All of our livestock is fed GMO-free feed and has access to unlimited fresh water.



We raise a variety of pig breeds, including Duroc, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Old Spot and Hereford.  We source our piglets from farrowing operations who give their sows access to the outdoors in addition to supplying all the nutritional requirements for raising healthy piglets.  You can purchase our pork at the Watauga County Farmers Market, through the ATG Meat CSA or by buying a Pig Share (a pig custom cut especially for you).



Photo by Alistair Burke



We are excited to offer grass-fed and grass-finished beef from Holly’s Dad, George.  He owns Calloway Gap Farm in Ashe County, which is one of the adjacent counties to Watauga.  George raises herefords, the same breed of cattle Holly’s Great-Grandfather raised, on some of the same land that the family has farmed for 200 years.  The cattle are raised exclusively on grass and hay and only feed GMO-free grain as treats.  Purchase Calloway Gap Farm beef through the ATG Meat CSA or by contacting the farm directly.



Freedom Rangers are prized by consumers and chefs for the tender quality of their meat and excellent flavor.  They have been bred specifically to be raised on pasture and to grow more slowly.  As a result, they are excellent foragers and are hardy to the cool nights of our mountain climate.  It’s for all of these reasons that we only raise freedom rangers as broiler chickens on our farm.  Our chicken is available through the ATG Meat CSA or by contacting the farm directly.





We also raise approximately 100 turkeys for sale during the Holiday Season every year, including both heritage and commercial breeds.  Just like the rest of our livestock, our turkeys are raised on GMO-free feed and pasture, and have unlimited access to fresh water.  Our turkeys sell out fast, so RESERVE yours early!






Look for our meats at local High Country restaurants, including Proper and New Public House, and at our booth at Watauga County Farmers Market (May-November 8am-12noon).




Photo by Alistair Burke


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