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Food that Nourishes body & Spirit

Certified Biodynamic & Organic produce & Animal Welfare Approved, GMO-free meats


Against the Grain provides biodynamic produce and Animal Welfare Approved Livestock.


Against the Grain is a 35 acre diversified farm farm located 15 minutes from downtown Boone, NC in the community of Zionville.  The farm raises a broad spectrum of certified BIodynamic and Organic vegetables on about 2 acres of crop land and pasture-raised, GMO-free, Animal Welfare Approved meats on the remaining pastures, woodlots and hay fields.


What we grow

In 2013, we were introduced to Biodynamic farming practices, which immediately resonated with us as a holistic approach to farming. A Biodynamic farming practice involves creating a diverse and balanced farm ecosystem through on-farm fertility cycling, working with natural and cosmic rhythms, and utilizing preparations consisting of fermented manure, herbs and minerals. 

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All of our livestock is pasture-raised, GMO-free, and Animal Welfare Approved and is fed GMO-free feed and has access to unlimited fresh water.

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We raise a broad spectrum of vegetables with only the use of organically certified, OMRI listed inputs.



A traditional Appalachian crop that has been grown for generations. We press the juice from the cane and boil it over a wood fire until the molasses forms.

How we Grow it

At Against the Grain, we hold the following certifications as a way to verify the integrity of our growing practices: Certified Biodynamic, Certified Organic, Appalachian Grown and Animal Welfare Approved.  These certifications provide our customers and CSA members with the confidence that the food received from the farm is of the highest nutritional quality and safety, while also being good for the planet.

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