Meet the Farmers


Photo by Jessica Kennedy, 2012.

Holly Whitesides and Andy Bryant have 13 years organic farming experience and have been farming together since 2010. In the Spring of 2013 they began transitioning to biodynamic practices.

Growing food that nourishes body and spirit has always been a shared passion.  In addition to farming full-time, Holly also presents at conferences on seed saving and production, the business of farming and farm record-keeping, and is involved in several local cooperative initiatives.  Andy transitioned to the farm full time in the Spring of 2015, and has taken the plunge with full commitment.





In October 2014, the farm welcomed a new member of the farm family.  Beatrice Lytton is growing as fast as a little weed and as she grows, so do her parent’s hearts. Here she is 12 months old, inspiring us all to eat more dirt!









Photo by Alistar Burke


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